Devcamp chennai

தோன்றின் புகழொடு தோன்றுக அஃதிலார்
தோன்றலின் தோன்றாமை நன்று.

sums up the first devcamp chennai event. For the benefit of all the people, I am translating the above tirukkural.

Be born with fame without that it is better not be born.

Devcamp’s entry into chennai was well recieved with energy and passion representing the true spirit of developers in chennai. The days preceding to the event as well as the day of event was full of excitement.

I will try to capture some of them ….

300+ registrations in the devcamp wiki

45+ volunteers for the event

3 sponsors for the event – Thoughtworks, ZOHO and Orangescape

180 + people present on the day of event

Community represented by people as diverse as 12th standard students, young entrepreneurs, technology evangelists, Industry leaders in technology and hard core dirty-hand devs.

Flavour of chennai’s very own filter coffee in T-shirt

Paper wiki voting

Ideas floated around open source hardware toincubating technologies.

How to make the old wine tastier (discussions on improving existing tech, code…)

Fishbowl and adhoc sessions added a new taste to it and was loved by devcampers.

Paper bags to be a small part of environment friendliness.

Others can be captured and relived in the twitter world. Search for #dcc1 or Devcamp chennai.

A question left to be answered… When will we meet again in a unconference like this….