A very worried Indian

As the day passed by today, a very important thing happened in the country. Army was called in to control the worsening security situation in Kashmir.

This was clearly one of the toughest decisions for the government with respect to J & K. Already the situation is heated up due to the spate of violence and clashes between civilians and the security forces.

Even though i am not directly on ground, I am able to sense that the emotions are running high in the valley. When the loss of civilian lives occur for whatever reason, it brings in more worries and problems to tackle.

I wish the presence of the army is short and the sentiments and emotions are brought to normal. Once that is reached, the longer term political solution and the discussion process to rebuild confidence has to be undertaken swiftly.

If institutions/people are guilty, they should also be brought back to book.

A peace in the kashmir valley allows a peaceful india to march forward. With issues of naxalism running in parts of the country and Kashmir valley back in troubled waters, it is a very tough time for the nation in the internal security front.

It is one more challenge which the nation will overcome soon and march towards building a stronger nation.


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