What is important?

How many times, you have been in situations where there is a dilemma of whether to confront the issues or problems and become a bad guy or just live with it, so that you remain in good books ???

I am able to hear a”YES”. I have been in many times in the same situation.

I decided to do a deep dive of myself and find out what is the thing that i want to do in the future when such a situation occurs.

The first doubt that comes to everyone is whether there are any issues or problems in the current situation. And the next is whether to make your views known to the environment.

I hear… What can i do now? I am also here…….

  1. Accept the reality and live with it.
    • Problems still prevail
    • As you continue living with it, the sensitivity starts diminishing and then sensing itself can become a far fetched dream
    • Poor decisions and poor results will be praised as great achievements
    • Dispassionate relationship to the environment starts creeping in.
  2. Understand the environment and situation
    1. Realize that you have everything to change and change the situation
      • Problems are solved
      • Sensitivity and passion increases urging you to reach better heights
      • Confidence and belief on meritocracy slowly convert themselves in to convictions.
      • Will hurt few people along the path of change
    2. Realize that you have minimal influence and decide that this situation has to be confronted. With that collectively you can bring change
      • Problem solving process is started
      • Sensitivity and passion increases definitely
      • Learning increases and bonding with the environment increases
      • Confidence and belief systems remain intact
      • Confrontation is a hard stance and hence it affects people around you. It earns you a bad guy image

These are not the only ways to approach this situation. surely there are enough minds and ideas which will work out in context.

I want your support in this exploration. Before closing, I just want to quote a small story:

Admiral Jim Stockdale was the highest ranking US military officer imprisoned in Vietnam. He was held in the “Hanoi Hilton” and repeatedly tortured over 8 years. Stockdale told Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end, which you can never afford to lose, with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Lets keep exploring and help me with your views on how you handled these situations…….


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